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BASISCAPE INTERNATIONAL is an independent music & sound production company based in Tokyo, Japan.
Specializing in music composition and sound design for video games, Basiscape was created in 2002 by veteran composer Hitoshi Sakimoto (FINAL FANTASY XII, Valkyria Chronicles), whose extensive career and industry experience leads the company as president and head composer.

Joining Sakimoto are nine other arrangers, composers, sound manipulators and sound FX designers. Each artist brings their own style of composition to the company, while Basiscape's sound manipulators are specialised in handling the different game integration requirements needed for today's consoles, handhands, mobile and computer devices.

Basiscape provides complete sound and music production services for all digital mediums including video games, television series, film and television commercials.

With our artists and staff carrying out projects of any scope and size, Basiscape delivers the utmost excellence in quality and creativity, while keeping with the usual tight deadlines of the industry.

We are also able to provide in house interpreting from English, Korean and Mandarin into Japanese to communicate swiftly and accurately between all international clients and the Basiscape team. English speaking representatives are also available in USA and Australia in order to accommodate working within international client's timezones.

Music composition for all digital media including games, television and film.
Game and Movie sound effect production / Sound Design
Album mixing and mastering
Music arrangement / orchestration
Voice-over / narration, talent booking, session direction
Cell phone / handheld music and sound design


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- Music previews of Hitoshi Sakimoto's work available through www.sakimoto.jp

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Atlus (Trauma Center, Odin Sphere)
Bandai Namco (Soul Calibur IV)
Capcom (Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter)
Konami (Genso Suikoden Tierkreis)
SEGA (Valkyria Chronicles)
SONY Computer Entertainment (BLEACH - Heat the Soul series)
Studio Gonzo (Romeo x Juliet, The Tower of Druaga)

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