Basiscape Co.,Ltd will work with Vanguard Sound the Chinese sound production studio (Shanghai city, China).
We will work together to expand overseas business through working partnerships, business contacts and expand opportunities between Japan and China.
Vanguard Sound has a reputation for high-quality sound production and has produced sounds for a number of major Chinese games and animations such as The Chinese version of Monster Hunter Online, "Girls FrontlineiOj" and Chinese animation "NANOCORE ([ĊjS)". With this partnership, it becomes possible to record sounds in Chinese and in China.

Sakimotofs comment
Vanguard is a creator group that creates high quality sounds and wonderful songs. I am very excited to be able to work with such excellent people.
Our company and Vanguard are both expanding the scope of activities outside of our respective countries and are increasingly working internationally. So I felt that we can cooperate and work closely together. Also, as the intricacies of the differences of our countries and cultures are revealed, we will respect those differences and build upon them to enhance each other, and to further develop our specialty. From now on, we will compete with each other as rivals, and I will keep trying to make more exciting and sparky sounds.

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