CRI Middleware (Head Office : Shibuya, Tokyo. CEO : Masao Oshimi.
hereinafter referred to as "CRI") and Basiscape based in Tokyo,*
*We will push forward active global development of CRIWARE in future to
enable high quality and attractive game development as an expert of
middleware, "CRIWARE hereinafter referred to as 'CRIWARE' ".

[Sakimoto's Comment]
As game sound becomes more specialised from an acoustic engineering point,
it means the creators who express the people's feelings and the engineers
in pursuit of acoustic rationality will become estranged in the future. The
CRI Middleware will help to make the emotional expression logically and to
use the technology intuitively so that it will tie both of them at a high
level. This collaboration will play an important role in the future of
the game scene.